Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP

the United StatesProfessional firm providing primarily accounting and tax related services in the United States and across US-Japan boarder.

About Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates

Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP is a professional accounting firm at San Francisco bay area in the United States.

Services provided by Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP

Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP provides high-quality services with "Omotenashi", Japanese-style hospitality, based on over 20 years of career in the United States to all customers, regardless of whether they are Japanese companies or not. Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP focuses primarily on the following:

- Advisory services focused on internal control support (establishment of internal controls, related documentation, and internal control audit under J-Sox) and accounting-related support according to US GAAP/IFRS

- Review, audit, and compilation services that startups, or companies under IPO process are often requested to take by investors

- US Tax services

The benefits of the business alliance for customers of CP ARCS

Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP and CP ARCS share a common philosophy of supporting the companies of Japan, the United States and other foreign countries that operate globally so that we contribute our best to realize a more growth-capable and sustainable international society.

CP ARCS provides more variable and reliable services to our customers promptly through business alliances with Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP.

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